Monday, April 28, 2008


Last week I had an accident while bicycling to work, and I fractured my wrist. So I got to spend two and a half days at home with nothing to do but put ice on my cast and eat pain pills. I feel better already, but my attempt to observe Mental Detox Week was something of a bust. All that time laid up at home wiped out my will to do anything but watch DVDs and surf the Net. One thing I noticed during my brief experiment, however, was the effect of not having my iPod plugged in constantly. I didn't have that cocoon of my own soundtrack to life, but became much more aware of my surroundings very quickly. And this was annoying at times, but also good to re-experience. So as a tool for examining how mediated our lives have become, I give Mental Detox Week two thumbs up.

But for now, and a few weeks to come, one of those thumbs is in a cast. So I won't be blogging much until it comes off.

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Ryan Garou said...

Good. Ipods are nice for conveniently storing lots of music, but don't be an Ipodhead. That is for yuppies who want to extend their comfort bubble to outside of their apartments and offices.